DSG® Integration Module for Pedicle Screw Systems









“Integrating the Dynamic Surgical Guidance technology with pedicle screws will greatly optimize the workflow and accuracy, and reduce radiation exposure for surgeons in both the traditional and MIS surgical settings. Not only will the smart screw allow for active real time guidance breach-avoidance through the pedicle, but it will also provide unprecedented feedback and confidence in the ultimate fixation of the screw itself.”

Larry T. Khoo, M.D. Neurosurgeon

The Spine Clinic of Los Angeles

Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (SMISS)

DSG® Integration Module for Pedicle Screw Systems

The direct screw insertion application is cleared by the US FDA.

A DSG®-enabled screw is a pedicle screw with a unique combination of a bipolar sensor and a pedicle screw in just one device.

tip-circle-waves-websiteSensor at the tip analyzing the electrical conductivity

The technology gives surgeons real-time guidance and the ability to insert the screw directly into a vertebra without drilling a pilot hole. The DSG® sensor differentiates various tissue types based on an analysis of the local electrical conductivity (cancellous bone, cortical bone, blood and soft tissues). Real-time feedback informs the surgeon of changes in tissue type by changes in the pitch and cadence of an audio signal and a flashing LED light. This in turn alerts the surgeon of potential pedicular or vertebral breaches during pedicle screw placement.

The DSG™ Integration module includes the single-use DSG® pin with the bipolar sensor  and the single-use DSG® handle containing the electronic processor.


No K-wire required for DSG® Enabled Screw in MIS

The DSG® Integration module is designed to enhance the ease of screw insertion during percutaneous approaches. The DSG® Integration Module obviates the need for a k-wire (which is typically used in MIS / percutaneous surgical approaches to help guide instruments and implants during such procedures along a desired trajectory). The outcome is a single-step pedicle screw insertion with an unprecedented degree of accuracy along with the added benefits of the potential for reduced radiation exposure and streamlined surgical steps, with resulting time- and cost-savings.

The next step in DSG® Technology is realized via the DSG® Integration module that can be used with pedicle screw systems to make pedicle screws “smart”. The “smart screw” potentially eliminates the need for preparing a pedicle prior to screw insertion. This may significantly minimize the surgical procedure time, and further reduce the chance of cortical wall breaches or compromising pedicle integrity.

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Orthopedic this week award: SpineGuard® DSG® Screw Recognized as One of the Best New Spine Technologies for 2016 (pdf version)