PediGuard Drilling Instruments

Threaded PediGuard

Pediguard-Drilling Instrument Threaded

The PediGuard® Threaded device with DSG® Technology is a drilling instrument with a threaded shaft design well suited for both posterior and anterior approach spine surgery.

Product Features

  • Threaded tip providing controlled trajectory
  • Available in 3 different diameters (Ø 4.0mm, Ø4.5mm and Ø 5.5mm) and 2 different lengths (195mm and 350mm)
  • Equipped with a ratcheting handle allowing smooth progressive insertion into the bone
  • Potential reduction of the use of intraoperative imaging in standard and MIS procedures
  • CE marked and FDA cleared for posterior pedicle screw drillings
  • FDA cleared for vertebral body drillings by anterior approach

I like to use the Threaded PediGuard when performing mini-open or thoracoscopic approach for scoliosis. It can increase patient safety and reduce radiation exposure.

Larry Khoo

Per Trobisch, M.D.

Pediatric Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

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