Hospital Value Proposition


The challenges faced by care providers for spinal surgery in the current healthcare environment are recognized by SpineGuard. Some of these challenges include reoperation for misplaced screws, increased exposure to (ionizing) radiation for surgeons, hospital staff and patients, increased investment in ancillary equipment, longer operating times, etc.

The solutions provided by SpineGuard specifically address these challenges and clearly show the value to the entire healthcare system – the patient, surgeon & staff, and the hospital. All of SpineGuard’s devices incorporate the DSG Technology, which:

  • helps the surgeon significantly minimize the potential for misplaced screws by anticipating and avoiding cortical wall breaches
  • significantly reduces radiation exposure to everyone (surgeon, hospital staff and patient) within the healthcare system
  • minimizes operating time by streamlining surgical workflow without the need for any ancillary (capital) equipment

Collectively, these reduce the cost of spine care in the short, medium and long term. SpineGuard can provide customized analyses of how the PediGuard devices add value to any healthcare system – small, medium or large. SpineGuard representatives can further help healthcare providers understand this analysis in greater detail. To request a detailed and customized value analysis, please contact us by clicking here.