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Introduction for PediGuard:

Pr Koller and Dr. Ferraris from Germany, have adopted PediGuard in their practice; they explain why they use the technology as well as share their tips and tricks in various applications.

How the PediGuard probe works:

The science behind the most accurate and user-friendly technology for pedicle screw placement.

DSG PediGuard probes in deformity cases for safe screw placement

Pr Le Huec from Bordeaux – France, has adopted PediGuard in his practice; he explains why he uses the technology to treat severe deformities and trains young residents.

Case Reports

Case #1:

Sound interpretation while drilling in sclerotic bone and deformed pedicles.

Case #2:

Sound interpretation
in a C1-C2 fixation.


Usage of PediGuard Probe in the Cervical Spine: PediGuard is an effective and unique technology that efficiently enables real time anticipation of potential complications while minimizing OR team radiation exposure.


  • Challenges in Pedicle Screw Placement by Randal Betz, MD – PDF
  • Secure Pedicle Screw Placement in the Thoraco-Cervical Spine by Eli Ashkenazi, MD – PDF
  • Instrumentating Anterolisthesis with Spondylolysis and Stenosis by Stephen Gutting, MD – PDF
  • Severe neuromuscular scoliosis with marked rotational deformity by Peter Gabos, MD – PDF
  • Cervical Pedicle Screw Placement in Challenging Deformity Surgery by Heiko Koller, MD – PDF
  • Dystrophic Scoliosis in Neurofibromatosis – Type 1 (NF-1) by Peter Gabos, MD – PDF

What Surgeons Say about DSG


Some of the videos presented in this page may contain claims or utilizations of SpineGuard products that are not cleared by US FDA. Surgeons should check with their sales representative prior to considering any use of the PediGuard for other than Pedicle Screw pilot hole preparation.

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