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Screw Placement Challenges

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Accuracy of Pedicle Screw Placement remains a Critical Issue in Spine Surgery

Pedicle screw-based stabilization is the gold standard for treating spinal instabilities and deformities. Technological advancements such as Screws in the Thoracic Spine, Cortical Bone Trajectory and Minimally Invasive Surgery are compounding the importance of pedicle screw placement.

20% of pedicle screws have been reported as misplaced when using conventional techniques and around 5% when using navigation1-2.

Consequences of Misplaced Pedicle Screws are not to be Underestimated.

Neurological Complications and Revision Surgery

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3.7% of the patients on average experience neurological symptoms after a spine surgery
(from 0% to 11%)3-16.


4.4% of the patients on average have a revision surgery to correct a misplaced screw
(range 1% to 11%)3-16.

Picto Surgery
2ndcause of reoperation within 30 days of spine surgery inpatients is due to neurological complications after posterior lumbar instrumentation and/or in trauma patients16.

Cost complications

$17,650 to $27,768 additional cost for a revision surgery to correct misplaced screw17-20.

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