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Spineguard DSG Technology

Company overview

SpineGuard is an innovative company deploying its proprietary radiation-free real time sensing technology DSG® (Dynamic Surgical Guidance)
to secure and streamline the placement of implants in the skeleton.

Picto Surgery

More than 100,000 surgeries performed
and secured with DSG technology

Picto Award

2019 Best Paper Award
for Robotic guidance

Picto Earth

34 publications on DSG in peer-reviewed scientific journals

Picto Money

Growth acceleration in Q2 2024: +14% globally, +26% in the US

Our products

SpineGuard designs, develops and markets medical devices for the spine. SpineGuard is expanding its technology platform in a disruptive innovation for other applications.

Spineguard spine products


SpineGuard designs, develops and markets DSG embedded devices dedicated to spine surgeries for securing pedicle screw placement.


SpineGuard is expanding the scope of DSG applications through strategic partnerships in dental and robotics.

Spineguard Others Applications

Healthcare Providers & Patients

The solutions provided by SpineGuard specifically address numerous challenges faced by both healthcare providers and patients.

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Healthcare Providers

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