The PediGuard® probes are the only devices that incorporate the DSG® Technology. These probes are the only stand-alone, handheld devices that can detect possible vertebral cortex perforation during pedicle preparation for screw placement. The PediGuard® probes can alert the surgeons prior to a breach by accurately analyzing the electrical conductivity of the surrounding tissues in real time. This, in turn, can prevent a cortical breach, and also help the surgeons to redirect the probe and advance down the desired path.

The PediGuard® probes are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to address varying patient anatomies and various surgical procedures and approaches: PediGuard® StraightPediGuard® CurvedPediGuard® Cannulated and PediGuard® Threaded.

All PediGuard® probes let the surgeons:

  • Hear and feel what they cannot see
  • Be reassured that the trajectory of drilling is optimal
  • Anticipate possible breaches of the pedicle or vertebral body cortex
  • Redirect, as necessary, with complete confidence