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Pediguard Drilling Instrument Straight
Pediguard-Drilling Instrument Straight


  • Straight tip
  • Available in 3 different diameters: Ø2.5 mm, Ø3.2 mm and Ø4.0 mm
  • Assist surgeons in preparing the pedicle for screw placement at any level of the spine
Pediguard Drilling Instrument Curved


  • Curved tip
  • 2 different diameters: Ø3.6 mm and Ø4.0 mm
  • Ease penetration through the pedicle and removal thanks to the tapered tip
  • Ease redirection during pedicle drilling: as surgeons become comfortable with the direction of the curve, they can be aware of the location of a possible breach, and hence allow proper redirection
  • Mainly used in thoracic and lumbar, especially for deformity
Pediguard Drilling Instrument Curved
Pediguard Drilling Instrument Cannulated
Pediguard Drilling Instrument Cannulated


  • 2 types of tips (bevel and trocar)
  • Needle available in 2 sizes (120mm and 160mm) – the longest PediGuard instrument/shaft
  • Progressive diameter of the Needle to ease the insertion and removal
  • Graduated shaft to control the progression into the bone
  • Designed primarily for helping surgeons reduce radiation exposure during minimally-invasive procedures
  • Can also be used to access and drill narrow and small pedicles
Pediguard-Drilling Instrument Threaded


  • Threaded tip
  • Design available in three diameters (Ø 4.0mm, Ø4.5mm and Ø 5.5mm)
  • Stiff drilling instrument that may be used to streamline surgical steps while maintaining the accuracy for pedicle preparation for screw placement
  • Potential reduction of the use of intraoperative imaging in standard and MIS procedures
  • FDA cleared for vertebral body drilling via anterior approach
Pediguard Drilling Instrument Threaded

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